Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lovely Asheville

My studio has been humming with activity lately, and my car has been putting on some miles...

Last week we drove to Asheville for the quilt guild yearly picnic at the Governor's western residence. The residence is atop a mountain overlooking Asheville. We enjoyed the pavillion and were able to walk through the home which is completely furnished and decorated with items made by North Carolinians.

The next day I took an all-day Judy Simmons fabric dyeing class through the guild which was wonderful! We each had 10 - 15 yards of dyed fabric by the time we were through. I have been dyeing fabric since early Spring, but I knew that I could learn even more about low-water immersion dyeing from Judy's class.

Bill and I stopped in for a coffee and desert at the world famous Grove Park Inn. We sat on one of their beautiful terraces and enjoyed the view, including this little woodchuck (?) who was checking out the vegetable garden for a treat.

Bill, always the jokester, had me take these photos as he stood in front of one of the two huge fireplaces in the main lobby of the inn. He wants me to send this one to one of his buddies. Oy.
Too much has been happening to put into one post, so I'll be right back with more...

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