Friday, July 18, 2008

This week...

We got a call on Tuesday evening from our soldier son, Bryan, saying that he had just arrived back in Germany after fifteen months in Afghanistan! We were quite relieved after months of concern for his safety.

This week I dropped off my two entries for the Asheville (NC) Quilt Show. One of them has the 14" x 16" photo of Bryan in it with the quilt built around it, and the other is a Quilt of Valor which will go to an injured soldier. I was hoping to have a Quilt of Valor Foundation booth at the quilt show, but there's no space for another booth. Instead we'll have informational flyers and hopefully my quilt will draw some attention to the Foundation. The show is held at the Arboretum Aug. 1-3, 2008 and is a wonderful show. Y'all come on by!

July 23rd is our older son Darrell's 25th Birthday, so I've been finishing up a couple of fiber art pieces for him in his favorite black and gray color scheme. These are pieces #1 and #2 in my Industrial Series. Hopefully they'll look good in his new apartment. The piece on the right in the photo is unfinished, but like the one on the left, it will be fused to a fabric backing and have a small sleeve fused to it. The fusing makes the fabric stiff enough to hang well. The piece has a contemporary look without a border, and unless it's necessary, there will be no edge treatment either.
Off to work now... WTYL

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