Monday, June 13, 2011

It's a Two Man Job

Wow, handling a king size backing fabric for dyeing is...challenging. That's 9 square feet of fabric!

I had to wet it first and then had to find some way to wring that baby out. It took two of us, a couple of tubs to catch the water, and several segments of wringing to get the job done!

Then I had to find a big enough work area and tub to hold all that fabric as I scrunched it...

That ended up being the living room floor with the 24" x 36" tub on the coffee table. It took a long time to scrunch those 9 square feet into a 24" x 36" size.

Here it is, almost done. It was the first time I had measured my dye in quarts to pour on a piece.

Here's one of the finished pieces.

Not bad.

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Deb H said...

It turned out yummy!

We met the boys at the Bear Tooth last night, & had a good time with them.