Monday, May 16, 2011

Quilter Carry-All

My friend Frances has been writing an informational blog series on how to travel well, and her blog for today is about which sewing project(s) to carry on her next international trip.

My suggestion is to carry needle-turn applique with circles. The project requires a handful of simple background blocks, some circles with freezer paper shapes, needles, a few pins per block, and thread. I carry my thread on bobbins.

Here are the circle blocks that I've sewn in the last few weeks in my spare time, generally as I sat in waiting rooms, etc...

The bottom three blocks will go into a quilt for my vendor booth. Some will have pieced backgrounds and some will not. Either way, they're easy and fun to sew!


Deb H said...

I'm always trying to think of things I can carry for travel. This is a nice idea. Thanks!

Frances Arnold said...

Thanks for the suggestion Anita. It is a really good idea!!