Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom's Day Fun & New Technology

It has been a fine Mother's Day with a breakfast invitation from our wonderful neighbors, Scott & Kim, and botanical beauties from our two sons. I'm a blessed lady.

Here's a sweet basket of flowers from Darrell (he's in NM on vacation)...

These are the plants that Bry got for me: first a Passion Vine which will have those wonderful flying saucer type flowers with multiple layers...

...and an orange flavored mint plant. Mmmmm, it'll make a wonderful tea.

My new technology for this month is my first iPhone and a little gadget called a Square from The square (the white square plugged into the iPhone below) will scan credit cards when we're vending. It's so cool, and so much easier to use than that bad finger-crunching, manual credit card terminal we've been using.

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