Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This weekend I quilted the Blue Water string quilt which will be a base for applique and embellishment...

Using the walking foot, I quilted it edge to edge.

This quilt is at least 30" wide, so when quilting edge to edge on a large quilt, be sure to change sewing directions with each line: sew from left to right on one line, then sew from right to left on the next line, and so on. Otherwise the quilt will warp as you sew.

I haven't quilted the borders yet and I'm not sure what to do there, so after the binding is sewn down I'll hang it on the wall for a look-see.

These corners were at odd angles, but our mitered corner method still works...

Today I'll put the borders on this piece...

The colors go from light yellow to dark green, but purple seems to work well with them all.

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