Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun with Fabric

This weekend I cut fabric for a String Pieced Blocks workshop coming up on Saturday. If you like to sew, is there anything better than handling beautiful fabric?

This is a partial set of string pieces (tapered strips) for a student kit. She asked for "browns", but to make string pieced blocks you need to have an array of colors and textures to make the blocks interesting. When the blocks are sewn together, the overall color will be brown.

You've seen this quilt before...

The base colors I wanted in this quilt were orange and brown (my nephew's school colors), but the fabric colors went from tan to black, light burnt orange to dark rust, and some of the fabrics barely had a hint of orange or brown in them. A deep, dark purple will enhance any quilt with rust in it and give it more depth. The idea is to play with the fabric and to be make sure that no fabric screams "look at me".

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