Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy Day

Here's my poor dining room, again looking like an art explosion, in preparation for my String Pieced Blocks class tomorrow morning. When I ask Bill if the mess bothers him, he says "No, we just make good use of the house we're paying for", ha-ha.

The couch is holding the batiste fabric, and the dining table and chairs are the staging area for making kits. There's more going on in other rooms, plus the computer is involved too.

Bill and Bryan are happy because today is the start of the music at AthFest, an annual music and art event in downtown Athens, GA. The bands start playing early this evening in the downtown streets and they'll be there all weekend. Arts and crafts will be on the streets too. This is the first year since we moved to Athens that we are in town for the event.

Our favorite Athens bluegrass band, The Packway Handle Band, is playing at 9:20 tonight on Lumpkin St.!