Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rust Dyeing on Fabric

Well, my hubby, Bill, went on a search with his buddy Garnet a couple of months ago to get some rusted items for me. I wanted to try rust dyeing on fabric and needed some "junk". They found some great pieces including a wonderful rusted chain and other assorted items.
This week Bill decided that he was going to do the dyeing, so here he is starting the project...

Here's the dye pan (a mason's plastic cement mixing tub) with a layer of fabric, rusted items, another layer of fabric over the top and saturated with vinegar and water. See Bill smile.

See Bill's fabric.

Wow! Good job, Honey! Good husband.


Anonymous said...

These are WONDERFUL.....can I place my order now?

Carol Sloan said...

there you go! He's got the right idea!That is exactly how my husband stsrted. Hey, did you get my check?