Monday, February 23, 2009

Brick Quilt

I taught a Scrappy Batik Bricks workshop this weekend (see last post) in which the students brought their own batiks, cut into bricks (rectangles), and swapped to make a scrappy quilt. They did a wonderful job! This is a fine class for either beginners or quilters who want a quick and easy project for gifts.
This is Phyllis' layout...

Can you see how the brights are distributed perfectly to make your eye travel around the quilt? Phyllis had a wonderful khaki colored fabric with golden orange and dark brown tones for her border, and she found a burnt orange fabric in the quilt shop for her inner border.

This is Danette's layout...

Danette had to leave early, but she had her rows sewn and some of them connected to each other. Danette is a brand new quilter and this was her first class! She did all of this construction in just over three hours.

Nice job ladies!

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