Thursday, January 29, 2009

String Quilts: What's a String?

If you have no clue what a "string" is in the quilting world, it's a strip of fabric that is not the same width all the way along the strip. A string is tapered (wider at one end and tapering to a narrow end) and can be a tiny, narrow piece or a long, wider piece. The idea is that it does not look like a "strip" of fabric.

I've been dyeing fabric for a couple of weeks, and for each yard I dye, I actually have a 1 yard + 5" piece...that way I can have extra fabric for strings when I trim the ends of the fabric. Here's my setup after trimming yardage.

If a piece is too wide, I will use a rotary cutter to cut it into two tapered string pieces.

Whenever I trim the edge of a piece of fabric to straighten it, I make sure to cut enough off to use as a string. You can even cut up old blocks to use as strings...

Here are some of the strings in my stash. Some of them are a little too much like strips, so I'll trim them into string shapes later.
This is the lovely box of hand-dyed and other strings that I'll use for class kits. Aren't they yummy?