Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fabric Dyeing: Learning Lessons with Practice

As mentioned previously, I'm preparing to be a vendor at our quilt guild show, and my booth will feature hand-dyed I'm dyeing, and dyeing, and dyeing.

Two days ago I dyed some fabric with a new "Lime" colored dye and it was less than pleasing to my taste. It wasn't that beautiful bright lime green; it was the color of lime peel, without much depth. Ick. The photo below captures some of that icky green mixed with a little Midnight Blue.

Anyway, today I over-dyed the lime-colored pieces and then dyed some new fabric, mixing the lime dye with other colors. That Lime is no longer my least favorite. Check out these photos and see what happens with a little color mixing...

Lime mixed with Grape (below)

Lime (light mixture) with light Grape

Lime with equal amount of Midnight Blue

Lime with Havana Brown

A little Lime with a lot of Midnight Blue

Humm, not bad!

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