Saturday, September 15, 2012

At Long Last

It’s been a quite while since I last posted—busy, busy, busy and a good sign for a new quilt shop owner.  Let me bring you up to date…

This year we went from being quilt show vendors to quilt shop owners.  It has been a giant leap and a wonderful journey.  As I may have mentioned, we opened our tiny Sewcial Studio Sewing & Quilt Shop in April in the Railroad Arts District of Athens, Georgia.  In August we expanded to include a 5-student classroom. 

Since the expansion we’ve been improving on the space.  Last week Bill installed some great lighting in both the shop and classroom.  Our new class tables also arrived—tough and sturdy school tables that have height adjustments for sewing comfort and don’t shake (even when our machines are working at full speed).

Classes have begun with a Beginner Brick Quilt class; several demo’s and more classes are scheduled and in the works.  You can find our class schedule on our website under the Store tab.

If you’d like to see some of our fabrics, I post the new ones on our Facebook page as they come in.  If you “like” our page, you’ll get updates as the fabric arrives.

We received more of our best-selling Caribou Antler Buttons and Toggles from Alaska this week (no animals are injured as they drop their antlers in the forest naturally). Love these!

Bill made the wooden rack (below) so that I can hang my works-in-progress and pretty pieces...

and he found the wire shelving to the right at the recycle center for me.  Good man.   

Last week I finally had some time to sew--yahoo!

I'm so glad to be back to blogging!

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