Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quilt Show! and more...

Our 2011 Cotton Patch Quilt Show starts in two days!

We have been busy, busy, dyeing fabric, pressing (Bill does that), folding, pricing, etc. The fabrics are so pretty (if I may say so)...

We'll have about 10 or 12 tubs like this in our booth. It's like working in a color explosion for three days. Fun!

Today the stitches came out of my foot and I can now put pressure on my toes. That's a good thing with the busy weekend coming up.

Below is a quilt we haven't seen in a while. It arrived from Germany last week with a bunch of Bryan's Army stuff. I made this quilt for him when he moved to Germany over five years ago. It has been to Europe and Afghanistan and actually still looks very good. That's the cavalry flag in the center.

The quilt looks good compared to the computers he brought to Afghanistan. Here are two of the three that were trashed over there. Three laptops in 27 months. Darrell, our older son, is our Superman techie with computers and will salvage what he can from these poor babies.

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