Thursday, September 3, 2009

AJ's Quilt

Slowly but surely, AJ's quilt blocks are coming together. As I wrote earlier, AJ is my nephew who just arrived at RIT (Rochester Inst. of Tech. in NY) for his Freshman year of college. The RIT colors are orange and brown, but I'm also adding black to the quilt blocks as well as any color that will liven up the quilt and give it depth.

Did you know that purple, in small amounts, is a wonderful color to add to Autumn colors to liven them up? Find the piece below with the golden sunflowers and look at how much purple it has. Doesn't it enhance the brown? That's because brown us made up of red, blue and gold, a.k.a. purple and gold.

I've been collecting AJ's fabrics from all over: shirting, my scrap bag, my fabric stash, Goodwill, and friends' stashes. Look at this brown, black and tan cotton Indian robe I found at Goodwill last week...perfect!

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