Wednesday, April 29, 2009

String Water

This morning I finished making the blocks for this newest string quilt. I'm so glad that I hand-dye my own fabrics. Can you imagine doing this piece with store-bought fabric only?
Here is a photo diary of how I checked and rechecked the layout of this quilt using my camera as a reducing lens...
First try...there is too much green at the top and to the right.
Second try...I rearranged the greens to make them look more natural and to add some weight to the lower half of the quilt.
Third try...the greens at the top are too much in line with each other.
Fourth and last try at rearranging...I still didn't like the look of the top row, second diamond's point. It was too green, so I added another piece to that point to change the look. This is the final layout (I think) for this string water quilt.
What do you think?
The title of this new piece is "Current". It will be trimmed down and sewn together, and when it's finished it will hang in our living room until I need it as a sample.


Julie Bagamary said...

I like it Anita. Nice final arrangement. Your hand-dyed fabric is beautiful!

Anita said...

Thanks, Julie!